1853 Vendue List - William Powell, Chippewa Twp., Beaver Co., PA

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1853 Vendue List -  William Powell, Chippewa Twp., Beaver Co., PA

Vendue List (sale of personal property upon the owner's death). A large estate.

Name: William Powell

Date: December 21, 1853

Surnames listed (as written in document) include: Douglass, Reisinger, Bradshaw, Rhodes, Mitchel [Mitchell], Watterson, Kennedy, Hultz, Miller, Veon, Given, Powel, McMullen, Clark, Brittain

Items sold (as written in document) include: shovel, b. [baking] oven, kettel [kettle], draw knife, box of sundries, nais, chairs, gauges, coffin schrews [screws], glue, hames, steel trap, fine nails, wood saw, Franklin stove, stove pipes, smothing plane, match planes, rabbet, fringe, brace & bit, pick, masons axes, sledge, two-inch auger, sun dial, tool chest, flax seed, varnih, candle stick, buckles, sheep shire [shear], washing machine, wheel barrow, sheep skin, thrashing [threshing] machine, gray mare, young catle, walnut boards, cherry boards, wind mill,rakes, scoop, carpet sack, chairs, trunk, eight day clock, writing desk, trundle bed, spectacles and case, razors, reel, spinning wheels, watch, quilting frames, stealyardzz [steelyards], candle sticks, looking glass, tinware, books, bee hives and bee boxes, chees [cheese] box, clothes horse, oak board, scantling, loom, mallet, shingles, tub, sleigh, flax seed, harness, saddle, hay

Five pages measuring about 16x12 inches each (writing on about half, both sides) ribbon-bound on center fold. Usual folds, paper is sturdy, about an inch of dampstain at one edge. No musty smell. 

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