1844 Vendue List - Frederick G. Schall, Beaver Co., PA

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1844 Vendue List - Frederick G. Schall, Beaver Co., PA

Vendue List (sale of personal property upon the owner's death).

Name: Frederick G. Schall

Date: March 2, 1844

Surnames listed (as written in document) include: Eckert, Smith, Pruitt, Porter, McElhiney, Depold, Kuhlman, Spryerer, Row, Nacensberger, McManamy, Lowall, DAvis, Baird

Items sold (as written in document) include: drawknife, auger, iron wedge, stone chisels, bars of iron, corn hoe, basket of sundries, shoemaker lasts, whitewashing brush, cradle and sythe, shot gun, girth loom, barrel vinegar, shoe knife, log sled, young oxen

One page measuring about 12.5 x 15 inches. Usual folds, paper is sturdy, about 2 inches of dampstain and a little fading at one edge.

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